athletes guide to sports nutrition for travel

Fueling Success: A Sports Nutritionist’s Guide for Athletes on the Go

As student athletes gear up for weekend games and competitions, maintaining…

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Athlete sprinting

Injury Nutrition for Athletes

We know that proper nutrition can decrease the time it takes to recover from an…

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student athlete creatine

Creatine for High School Athletes

We have 3 evidence backed reasons why student athletes should take creatine…

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athlete drinking collagen shake

Collagen for Athletes: Everything You Need to Know

For athletes collagen it is a powerful sport supplement to support and…

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Benefits of Watermelon for Athletes

Watermelon is one of the best summer snacks for sports and athletic…

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food for the brain

Supplements for TBI in athletes

Traumatic brain injury or TBI can occur in contact sports athletes. The most…

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Protein Shakes

Protein Shakes vs Meal Replacement Shakes

As an active person, athlete  or somebody who is trying to lose weight we are…

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bottled water

Which bottled water should I be drinking ?

There's so many options to choose from with bottled water, water filters and…

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Protein Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl

This is a great breakfast for anybody who is plant based, prefers a grain free…

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athlete acne

How to Manage Athlete Acne

Adult and athlete acne can be embarrassing and stressful. Athletes and active…

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athlete improving sleep

Improve sleep for weight loss & athletic performance

Sleep is KEY for weight loss & athletic performance. Why? ⁠ -Our body…

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fit man eating

A NEAT way to increase your metabolism

Want to increase your metabolism? Then you should learn about NEAT. Non…

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Female athlete cooking breakfast

Hacks For a Faster Metabolism

4 Tips For a Faster Metabolism 1. Eat more food.  The more food you eat the…

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Athlete with inflammation

Athletes Inflammation, NSAIDs & Your Best Gut Health

This article will help athletes and active people manage inflammation. As an…

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Turmeric shake

Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Protein Shake

This easy shake is a great addition to any athlete's morning routine or post…

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