Turmeric shake

Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Protein Shake

This easy shake is a great addition to any athlete's morning routine or post…

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Coconut Curry Chicken & Zoodles

This is a protein full anti-inflammatory recipe that is perfect for anybody who…

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Pumpkin chia pudding

Chia Seed Protein Pumpkin Pudding

We've created a protein loaded breakfast (and snack ) that fits every style of…

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Overnight oats

The Best Overnight Oats Recipe

Did you know that eating breakfast before working out not only provides the…

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Healthy ceviche recipe for weight loss

My homemade recipe for a quick lunch, dinner or snack! This is a cooked version…

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Thai shrimp bisque

Thai Shrimp Bisque

This dairy & gluten free, protein packed soup is a great meal to eat at…

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Egg roll stir fry

Healthy “egg roll” Stir Fry recipe

This classic dish takes the fried roll out of the equation leaving you with…

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Overnight oats

Overnight protein oats for active people and athletes

A perfect protein filled quick breakfast or snack loaded with the perfect…

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Chocolate berry clusters

Chocolate Berry Clusters

This quick and easy dessert combines the antioxidant powder of berries and dark…

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Low Calorie Cocktails and Mocktails

Every time a holiday weekend or big sporting event arises I am asked the…

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Stuffed sweet potatoes

Protein Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

This delicious recipe is packed with protein and can be made for any diet…

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Healthy cupcakes

Grain Free, Low Sugar, Protein Cupcakes!

Delicious, quick and easy makes this sweet treat perfect for breakfast,…

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Shredded Pork & Provolone

This amazingly delicious recipe is Paleo, low carb, Keto, low FODMAP,…

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Baked Squash

Spiced Up Butternut Squash

This quick and easy side dish is a great addition to any meal, even breakfast.…

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Mashed sweet potatoes

Coconut Ginger Mashed Potatoes (Paleo)

I created a simple, low fat, dairy and grain free side dish perfect for almost…

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