Gummy bears

Put Back the Gummy Vitamins!

It shouldn't be a huge mystery why gummy vitamins aren't the best choice in…

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Foods rich in iron

Increase Your Iron Absorption

Optimize your Iron Absorption Some people, especially women of child bearing…

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Collagen powder

Why should I take Collagen?

Most people are shocked to find out that collagen peptides does NOT build…

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Athlete checking movement tracker

Is your movement tracker accurate?

Unfortunately the answer is, no. Reasons I dislike movement trackers when it…

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Woman with constipation

How to prevent & relieve pain and bloating from constipation.

It’s not a sexy topic but unfortunately its one that takes a negative toll on…

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Miami beach

Functional Medicine Sports Nutrition In Miami and South Florida

Athleats Nutrition and FITMISSNYC are proud to announce our recent expansion to…

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Healthy woman

A Healthy Vaginal Microbiome

Somebody has to talk about it and because it falls under my scope of studies I…

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