There’s so many debates around the actual benefit of eating breakfast. Regardless of what you read on Instagram this week, I know one thing to be true- you can not perform to your ideal output without proper fuel. If you go into training or work without eating you will be slighting yourself as well as increasing chances of injury. Can you run a car without any gas? No.

You can’t run your body or brain without fuel either. Can you get away with it for a little while? Maybe. Even feel like you had a good workout? Sure, but you aren’t maximizing your training time and without proper fuel you put yourself at risk for injury or you may be using muscle for fuel.

Some common excuses I hear are

1. I don’t have time to eat before training

2. I get sick if I eat before training

3. I travel a lot

Today we have so many products on the market that make eating breakfast quick and easy , even on the go. There’s no excuse to come into training without eating.

If you get sick or don’t have time, wake up earlier to eat. We all make sacrifices to reach our goals. If you travel or are on the road for work these are get items to pick up or pack in your suitcase to get a nutritious breakfast in fast and save a ton of money.

If you aren’t an athlete, keep in mind this all applies to your office life as well. High level executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, health care providers, managers, everybody who has to function at a high level needs fuel to work to their optimal performance. If you live in a major city and you are walking to your job, taking public transportation and moving around even more reason to eat breakfast.

Don’t forget a complete breakfast includes PROTEIN! Here’s some EASY ways to get your day started. I found these at my local Publix, no fancy health food store needed.

Breakfast options