Don’t let one day throw off your long term goals. There’s plenty of ways to enjoy Super Bowl parties and still stay focused on your nutritional goals. I must preface this post by saying I do not recommended any alcohol especially for competitive athletes with upcoming goals but I also understand that many people are not athletes and they do want to enjoy life, so for those who are training to be the best at life here’s my guidelines for keeping it as “healthy” as possible.


1. Guacamole is always abundant for sports parties; yes you can have some but keep in mind 2 ounces is about 100 calories all from fat. Use veggies to dip into the guac instead of chips. AVOID CHIPS AT ALL COSTS =)

2. Make your own dip. Use a Greek Yogurt , add Lipton’s French Onion Packet to the yogurt. Make your own Hummus or buy Hope Brand. They don’t have a lot of tahini, Tahini is the ingredient in Hummus that adds extra fat. When making your own hummus avoid using tahini and add other flavors such as roasted peppers, cilantro, hot peppers or curry. – Use sliced veggies for dipping rather than chips. Trader Joe’s has a great low fat guacamole.

3. Nachos using peppers for the chips with ground bison or ground turkey, low fat sour cream , reduced fat shredded cheese

4. Air fried wings- Whole foods has a variety of wings you can throw in the air-frier. Use Bolthouse farms ranch or blue cheese dressing to dip!

5. Nuts- 1oz has 15g fat and about 200 calories, similar to Guac this isn’t the best choice for volume or picking. But it can be done if you are careful.

6. Tomato Mozzarella Salad- Slice tomatoes with ½ ounce of mozzarella & fresh basil. Each slice has 2.5 grams of fat.

7. Cheese & Crackers- Avoid. There is no way for me to justify eating cheese and crackers. Sorry. This also goes for Pizza. Stay away from Pizza unless you make your own using a high fiber flat bread, pizza sauce and fresh mozzarella and basil.

8. Popcorn- There are many “healthy” pop corn alternatives on the market now, my favorite is Lesser Evil or Skinny Pop. I love the Wasabi Lesser Evil flavor. Skinny Pop has a white cheddar, dark chocolate and jalapeño flavor! Once again portion control is important.

9. Meats- Roast and slice some fresh lean meats, make mini turkey meatballs with a Marinara dipping sauce or turkey chili 

10. Ceviche – great to have out as a low fat high protein snack recipe

11. Dessert –if the food above isn’t enough and dessert is tempting always stick with fresh fruit, preferably berries. Offer Fat free whipped cream, raw cacao nibs to top the fruit. Make some protein muffins, cookies or bread pudding. See recipes in previous blog posts.


Drinking alcohol is not something I condone when trying to reach body composition goals and NEVER for athletes with actual goals in their sport especially anything that involves building muscle. Avoid Beer, excessive alcohol and flavored shots. I’m not saying that you can’t drink but what I am saying is the less you drink the more food you can have. And if you do decide to drink choose a light beer, clear liquor, dry red wine or homemade alternative to the fancy drinks.

For Skinny or healthier version of drinks read my blog post.