I don’t mean the redhead from Gilligan’s Island.  This root plant has been used for over 2500 years as a natural anti-inflammatory and healer of many diseases. It has been proven in various studies to have the following health benefits:

Anti-Inflammatory  – preventing & assisting in recovery of sore muscles from exercise¹ as well as aid in pain from arthritis with fewer side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs². It has also been said to help with menstrual cramps and headaches.

Anti-carcinogen properties – aiding in preventing cancer due to a high level of Vanilliods (this is what gives ginger that spicy kick)³

Helps maintain a health blood glucose level– aids with regulating blood glucose and insulin resistance in patients with diabetes.(4) 

Preventing stomach problems- The shogaol in ginger aids in gastric emptying and soothing upset stomach, prevents ulcers in patients who are on a chronic dose of aspirin or other NSAIDs for chronic inflammation. (5)

Aiding in preventing motion sickness & nausea  – reduces nausea in motion sickness and during pregnancy (6)

Help relieve symptoms of the common cold.


Ginger can be added to almost any food when cooking or even raw! Just be aware ginger has a very spicy kick when used in even the smallest amount so it is best to grate, finely chop or powder ginger and blend it well within other foods.

Ginger tea is a popular drink which can be made from boiling water with ginger root. Add a chopped un peeled 2″ piece of ginger to 1 quart of water, boil and let cool. Lemon can be added for extra flavor.

Ginger infused drinking water– add about 1″ of peeled fresh ginger to 32oz of water

Ginger infused Kombucha – This probiotic tea has healing properties of its own, add some fresh ginger to the bottle for an extra kick.

Ginger marinated meats– marinating meats in fresh chopped ginger can also help prevent the carcinogen effects of a BBQ grill. HCAs are released when cooking meats over a high heat. Ginger can cut down these carcinogens by up to 74%

Chewing fresh ginger– for stomach ailments people have been known to chew on One 1/4 oz  piece of fresh ginger daily.

Ginger powder- add about 1 ounce of powdered ginger to your food, water or post workout shake daily

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