Grilling can be a great way to prepare your summer meals but you have to avoid carcinogens! Here’s our quick and easy tips to healthy grilling.

Reduce AGEs and ALEs when cooking & grilling

Advanced lipoxidation end products (ALEs) and advanced glycation end products (AGEs) have a pathogenetic (disease causing) role in the development and progression of different oxidative-based diseases including diabetes, neurological disorders, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, colitis, and kidney disease. (1) It is ideal to avoid such foods in order to maintain and achieve optimal health. AGEs are not only formed inside of your body, ALEs and AGEs are formed when cooking protein, sugar and fatty foods at high temperatures for extended periods of time. This process leads to the formation of toxic products, which you can recognize by the browned areas on fried, grilled or broiled meats and cheeses


1. Reduce heat and cooking duration of beef, poultry, pork, fish, cheese, and high fat spreads such as oil and butter.

2. Marinate proteins in vinegar and/or lemon juice with garlic and onion or dry rubs with rosemary before cooking. Avoid marinades that contain sugar. (2, 3, 4)

3. Use a thermometer to prevent cooking at temps too high, Steak should be cooked to 145 degrees F, hamburgers at 160 degrees, and chicken at 165 degrees. (To measure, place the thermometer in the thickest part of the meat, avoiding the bone, fat, and gristle.) Avoid cooking meat to well done.

4. Avoid browned or charred portions of cooked meats and cheeses.

5. Clean the grill. With a non-wire brush to make sure it doesn’t have left over grease and char. Metal can leave metal residue so non-wire and even an onion can do the trick.

6. Use “wet” cooking methods, such as stewing, boiling, braising, crock pot or steaming, often because dry-heat cooking methods create more AGEs than moist ones.

* Be aware of restaurants that do not change their oil frequently and who heat proteins at high temperatures. BBQ is high in AGEs and ALEs.

Foods Low in AGEs and ALEs

Vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and legumes.

Proteins and vegetables that are steamed, lightly boiled or grilled in citrus marinades.

Proteins not cooked at high temperatures in fats or sugars.

Do you think you need to reduce your levels of AGEs and aflatoxins in your body? There’s some great natural supplements & foods that can help remove carcinogens from your body. We can help you find the ideal protocol to improve your eating while removing toxins from your body. Email us for more info.


Healthy summer grilling guide