Since 1973 the rate of testosterone and sperm count in men has gone down by 50% in North America. Fertility starts with proper nutrition and lifestyle prior to trying to conceive. When fertility & miscarriages become an issue we often focus on the mother’s health but reality is that 50% of the chromosomes are coming from the man. Your environmental & lifestyle factors can increase your rate of fertility significantly. Good news is that new sperm is created every 72-76 days which means 3 months of good eating, healthy environment and positive lifestyle changes can make your sperm much healthier. If you are trying with IVF, studies have shown preconception care can double the success of IVF.

What is proper preconception care for your sperm?

1. Check your endocrine disruptors, these are the

TCPPs, a flame retardant commonly used in polyurethane foam in consumer products and in home insulation, and in electronics. It’s often in house dust as well.

Phthalates– found in lubricants, personal care products, hair sprays, IV bags, nail polishes, fragrances, after shaves, lotions, food packing (microwaving in plastic) as well as many prescription medicines.

PCBs & POPs- Pesticides, organic chemicals (they reduce fertility by upwards of 30%)

BPAs- PLASTIC BOTTLES, Receipt paper, food containers even at room temperature these are leaking into your food and water. DO NOT DRINK BOTTLED WATER. Do not touch receipt paper. They lower FSH and LH

2. Heavy Metal toxicity ( Lead and Cadmium) lower zinc which lowers testosterone and sperm production. Taking vitamins C,B6, Selenium and antioxidants can help chelate (bind to) these toxins. Eating foods such as soybeans, green tea, garlic, onion, curry leaf, grape and tomato and taking Spirulina and Chlorella.

3. Check for MTHFR gene, if you have MTHFR you may have problems with methylation and detox which needs to be addressed. Methylated folate supplements will be very important.

4. Avoid saunas & hot baths, tight pants and cycling. Sorry guys your testes need to be about 3 degrees cooler than the rest of your body. Sauna, tight pants , and cycling all lead to lower sperm count.

5. Avoid EMF radiation, do not carry cells phones in your pants pocket or rest them on your lap, avoid laptops on your lap. turn of wifi when possible.

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