James Carpenter

“First her knowledge about nutrition is more than I’ve ever seen being in the league 9 years at 350 pounds I’ve met a lot of nutritionist but none gave me as many facts as her. We started working together to last year finding a way to keep my weight down and getting leaner by eating more not less and it helped a ton now I have more energy and strength without being hungry… she gave me a plan and it works.

-James Carpenter, NFL Player Atlanta Falcons

“I went to Jackie several weeks ago when my weight loss had hit a plateau. I was having a hell of a time losing that inevitable last 5-10 lbs. Jackie created a plan for me that took into consideration everything I had to do in my day and all of the exercise I would or wouldn’t be doing on particular days. She was also great about checking in with me and troubleshooting what was working and what was not. I started seeing results after two weeks. That’s not even the best of it though. The best part is that she taught me how to food shop and made me realize that eating healthy was not this CRAZY expense that I thought it would be. She even emailed me simple recipes that I could make throughout the week.”

-Phoenix C, Martial Arts Fighter

Phoenix C.
Arie Kouandjio, NFL Player Washington Redskins

Jackie has been a wealth of knowledge since I’ve known and worked with her! Anytime I need some guidance nutritionally, she is there to help and always seems happy to help. I’ve already seen great results and I know that’s 95% due to what she’s taught me…

-Arie Kouandjio, NFL Player Washington Redskins

“I’m happy I started working with Jackie because I feel amazing and look amazing. I’ve been between 315 lbs and 317 lbs and I’m stronger. I’m able to tempo squat 565 for reps, my bench has gone up & I am able to do 15 straight pull ups. I can truly say I feel my body is getting stronger. I know my upper body is stronger but I’m so much more lean. I’ve changed my eating habits throughout the week and on weekends. I’ve learned what foods to eat and what I should avoid. Jackie has also helped me with my supplements, she made me aware of what I need to be taking to be in my best health and perform at my best. She is always available to answer my questions and knows so many details about health, nutrition. and training.

-Steve Mclendon, NFL Player, NY Jets

Steve Mclendon, NFL Player, NY Jets
Isaiah, College Football Player

Jackie has helped me learn how to eat properly, learn portion sizes in the dining hall and how to shop in the grocery store. She gave me recipe ideas and helped me learn to make decisions on preparing meals and choosing the correct foods for gaining muscle. Jackie has taught me which foods to eat before practice and a game for my best performance.

-Isaiah, College Football Player

She helped me break a plateau I was dealing with for a decade, abs!!! On top off that my overall physique & physical health has improved tremendously. Since starting with Jaclyn I have competed in a Spartan Beast Vermont 2016, Spartan Super NJ 2016 and the Ucka Trail 31k 2017.”

-Andreas V. OCR & Ultra Endurance Athlete

Andreas V. OCR & Ultra Endurance Athlete
Anne L, Muay Thai Fighter

“I made the decision to work with Jaclyn when I wanted to make a lower weight safely for a tournament I fought in last year (and ended up winning!). Jaclyn not only got me down to the weight relatively painlessly, but she taught me so much about my own nutrition and recovery that I was able to share with my team. It was also really important for me to work with another high level female athlete who understood my body and my performance goals. I am stronger, better fighter and coach because of our work together.

-Anne L, Muay Thai Fighter

“When competing outdoors in California it’s difficult to stay hydrated especially when working out many hours a day. Jaclyn gave me step by step instructions to make sure I was consuming and absorbing all the fluids needed. This made me feel great and allowed me to stay on top of my game.

-Kari Pearce, CrossFit Games Athlete, Fittest Woman in America 2016

Kari Pearce, CrossFit Games Athlete, Fittest Woman in America 2016
Kaitlin M. National Weightlifter 48 kg

“Before working with Jaclyn, I was sitting around 49.5kg and as a 48kg lifter, that doesn’t provide me with enough room to gain muscle, while eating properly. And I most definitely wasn’t eating properly. I was intaking too much protein and not enough fat to sustain my workouts. Jaclyn is working diligently with me to ensure that I get the most fuel possible to ensure my consistent progress through 20+ hour training weeks, in addition to working full-time hours. Jaclyn does a wonderful job explaining my plans in full detail, along with providing easy recipes to fit my numbers. I’m feeling better than I ever have and I’m so thankful that she is a part of my team.”

-Kaitlin M. National Weightlifter 48 kg

“I’ve had Jaclyn as my nutritionist for over a year now, and I cannot stress enough how good she is at what she does. As a competitive weightlifter, I appreciate how knowledgeable she is from both a practical and scientific standpoint, and she does a fantastic job really getting to know you as an athlete and a person in order to come up with the best plan possible. Whatever your fitness or health goals are, there is absolutely no doubt that Jaclyn can help you accomplish what you want. Her attention to detail is unmatched, and she is truly top class.”

-Brittlan Wall, Weightlifter 64kg

Brittlan Wall, Weightlifter 64kg
Varva Athlete Testimonial

“I had one of the best experiences working with Jackie. She taught me all about macros and micronutrients as well as how nutrition can affect your performance and energy level. Especially when we are in constant heat and training at high intensity. Her knowledge goes beyond nutrition, she can explain why certain foods and drinks can affect and trigger reactions in your body. She also understands the demanding lifestyle of a professional athlete and is able to make nutrition easy to apply for us. My energy levels and overall performance on the court jumped up a level. I  highly recommend Jackie whether you need to improve your weight , performance or overall health through her expertise and experience with many professional athletes. ”

-Vavara Lepchenko – WTA Professional Tennis Player, USA Olympian 

Active Lifestyle Nutrition Testimonials

Jaclyn is a great nutrition coach. She was detail oriented from the start and focused on tailoring my program to my health issues and my goals. With fat loss being my goal, I cut 8 lbs and nearly 3% body fat in 6 weeks. Having the right nutrition paired with my workouts made a remarkable difference! I also learned a lot about how foods were affecting me and it’s led me to have a greater awareness of how different foods make me feel. Jaclyn is instructive and encouraging! She even looked at menus when I found myself unable to meal prep and nervous about making choices at a restaurant!”

-Courtney L.

Jackie really gave me everything I needed to educate myself about nutrition and fitness so that I could make weights and clean eating a habit, not a crash diet. She was great about my questions on everything from “I hate this exercise can I do something else?” to “How should I adjust my diet based in X and Y?” She also talked through scenarios as I experienced them over our three months together, like my questions on weight loss and the values of different exercises, and all of this was great for my goals of education. Basically, Jackie knows her stuff on both nutrition and fitness – sign up to work with her if you want to change your routine and be healthy, not hungry. Also she creates awesome glute workout ideas.”

-Kaitlin B.

“I started work with Jaclyn before the summer to dial in my nutrition. Jaclyn is easy to communicate with and understanding of my lifestyle demands. I travel often for work and Jaclyn was able to make my meal plan easy to do while on traveling. She also educated me on how to make smart decisions and find ideal food when I was in business dinners or staying in hotels. I am very happy with the long term results of working with her and recommend her services to anybody who may be looking to make a lifestyle change in their eating habits.”

-Bob M.

I’ve been going to Jaclyn for about 6 months now and I love her! She customizes your monthly workout programs, in addition to customizing your macros/nutrition based on how your body is responding. She’s very easy to talk to and get a hold of via phone and email. She’s very knowledgeable and I trust her completely. I’ve seen such a transformation in my body and plan to use her for as long as possible as I change my goals. I originally wanted to compete, but then decided to just get lean and fit which is more sustainable. I bet I will want to compete though soon.”

-Lauren F.

“I have been working with Jaclyn on a nutrition plan for weight loss for the past few months, and I must say she is WONDERFUL.

Not only does she really listen to and adapts with what works for your lifestyle (taking into account how much you cook/go out, your travel plans, etc), but her meal plans are actually sustainable and flexible. I was rarely hungry, or left with food cravings. She takes into account more than just “calories”, and I have never felt better!

She is extremely responsive to email and texts, and always has great advice for moving forward. I’ve been achieving my goals for my body and health much easier with her help and I’m so grateful for it!”

-Nicole J.

The best nutrition coach I’ve ever worked with, hands down. Jaclyn Sklaver has tailored a plan for me that suits my finicky dietary needs and fitness goals, in coordination with my doctor and personal trainer. She takes a holistic approach, is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and precise. She takes the anxiety out of nutrition to help you regain control. I highly recommend her without hesitation!

-Stephanie G.

“If you’re on the fence about whether or not to work with Jaclyn, get off the fence and contact her immediately. Jaclyn created custom strength training workouts for me and they have made a huge difference in a short amount of time. They are focused, organized, comprehensive, and set my muscles on fire…in the best way possible. Each part of the workout serves a purpose and has been created with my goals in mind. I feel confident performing the exercises even from another far away state because of the way they’ve all been explained and laid out.

My previous strength training regime was like weightlifting kindergarten compared to what she’s created for me. Her program has exceeded my expectations and has helped me not only build strength and stability in my weaker areas but built my confidence as an athlete and just a person in general. She really knows her field and beyond that, is professional, communicative, and genuine. I wish I had contacted Jaclyn sooner! Better late than never.”

-Eva K.

“Jackie leverages science and research to develop a thoughtful, and thorough, nutrition program for her clients. She was easily accessible, encouraged me to ask questions and always ensured that I was feeling my best. I highly recommend her for your nutritional needs!

-Jessica N.

Absolute best experience ever. Worth every penny. Jackie is a professional who delivers detailed plans that work and produce results. Makes you feel like she cares and you’re not just a number. Would recommend her services to anyone who is serious about achieving fitness goals.”

-Waldin F.

“My experience with Athleats Nutrition has been great. Through Jaclyn’s coaching I have shed an astounding 30lbs in 6 months. She is very supportive of her clients and works with them on their workout plans which makes it less of a rigid process. She has weekly check-in’s and she makes herself available via text at all times. Jaclyn’s nutrtition plan helped to catapult my new eating habits which have now turned into a lifestyle. Although I was prepping for a NPC Bikini Competition, Athleats Nutrition can be used for making overall healthy lifestyle changes. I have recommended her to several colleagues of mine and I will continue to do so as her services are top notch.

-Alicia S.

“Jaclyn has played a huge role in my health and fitness. She’s got a detail-oriented approach that takes mind and body into account, and she’s very educated about health issues that can make reaching goals a challenge.

We are both passionate about learning and applying new knowledge. To find someone who knows more about nutrition than I do takes such a load off my mental game. Jaclyn either has a solid answer to every question I have or gets the answer quickly and explains it to me thoroughly. As a result I feel like I’m consistently advancing in my health and fitness goals. The majority of our work is virtual, but a big plus has also been her energy in person. Not everyone is great to train with. She is. She’s focused, knowledgeable, and confident without being full of herself, and she easily adjusts to changing needs. I really can’t say enough good things about her.

-Parisa F.

“Jackie has been my nutritionist/trainer helping me with postpartum weight loss. She is a wealth of knowledge and the lifestyle changes she has helped me to implement have resulted in significant and positive results. My only regret is that I didn’t start working with her sooner- I highly recommend!

-Jessica B.

“Working with Jaclyn made such a different in my training and how I approached food. She is beyond knowledgeable and is continually educating herself, which means as a client you are constantly getting the best. She is quick to respond to texts and professional. I cannot recommend working with Jaclyn enough. I’ve been with her, off and on, for about 4 years now. Off only due to life situations but constantly come back to her and only her for nutritional help.”

-Stephany B.

“I have been working with Jackie for a few years now. She has been amazing and patient through all of my specific nutritional issues. I have suffered for ages before meeting her with digestive issues and she has patiently not only talked to me about great approaches to deal with them but has taught me. She is knowledgeable and passionate about her work and I can’t say enough positive things about her. If you want someone who knows and understands everything about nutrition and will help you achieve your goals, look no further.”

-Melissa C.

“I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Jaclyn. I sought her help with gut issues that had been on and off in my life for years and despite living a relatively healthy lifestyle, I discovered I didn’t know much about what my body needs. By the time I had finished my program, I finally figured out the fuel for my body and now have the knowledge and skills that will hopefully lead me to a long and healthy life. Definitely a life changing experience working with Jaclyn and one I can’t recommend enough!

-Conner P.

“Jaclyn is great to work with. Definitely helped change by body comp, which is why we started working together, but beyond that has helped with a lot of general health issues. We worked together through a surgery and my surgeon was impressed with the reduction in swelling, attributing it to nutrition. Further, she did a great job working around dietary restrictions that I have.”

-Sarah F.

10/10 recommend. If you are looking for a nutritionist I highly recommend working with Jaclyn. Jaclyn is very down to earth and relatable but at the same time she is extremely knowledgeable and professional which is the perfect mix. She is also very punctual. I have been on my personal fitness journey for over 20 years but never fully met my goals. I have been weighing & tracking my food on plans that I thought would bring me success and I’ve been working out consistently 5-6xs per week but have been slowly gaining weight over the years. As a 45yr old woman, I was starting to believe weight gain may just be a part of life that I would now have to accept but working with Jaclyn has changed everything. I have had more success these past 3 months than I’ve had in the past 10+yrs. My personalized nutrition plan along with customized workouts finally have me moving in the right direction. I’m losing weight, getting closer to my goals, becoming stronger and more generally more fit.”

-Nicole M.

“I tried all the diets before and non of them worked for me. Thanks to Emma from Athleats nutrition she helped me to organise my diet. Never been hungry, increased my energy, lost body fat, change in body composition. Will definitely work with her again. It has been life changing experience!

-Emil A.

“Working with Emma and love it so so much! She provides great workout plans and meal guides that are definitely getting me closer to my goals!! Such a great program highly recommended :)”

-Hailey B.

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