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Athleats Nutrition provides sports nutrition counseling to athletes all over the world. Every athlete is unique and requires a custom program tailored to his or her individual needs.

From avid gym goers to professional athletes, we design personalized nutrition programs based around your lifestyle to reach your body composition and sports performance goals. Our unique approach combines functional medicine with sports nutrition to optimize performance.

Working hard but not seeing results? We are here to help you. Our expertise includes years of experience working with athletes just like yourself. We understand your demanding lifestyle and performance needs. Whether you are in high school, college, playing professionally, or training for your next goal, an optimized sports nutrition plan will improve your athletic performance and body composition goals. We also work closely with athletic trainers, physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches, sports specific coaches and your doctors to ensure you the best outcome from your support team.

Explore our sports nutrition packages below, specifically designed for the elite athlete.

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Customized Sports Nutrition Plans

We understand that every body is different, and we are passionate about personalizing our approach to meet your needs. Whether you want to lose body fat, address your health, or optimize your athletic performance – we will develop a customized nutrition package just for you.

Our sports nutrition coaching can focus on:

  • Optimizing performance
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Muscle gain
  • Recovery
  • Injury reduction / recovery
  • Gut health
  • Food sensitivities and allergies
  • Eating for travel, tournaments, and road trips
  • Grocery shopping tips
  • Detailed hydration protocols
  • Healthy eating & lifestyle skills for sustained results
  • Sourcing and working closely with meal prep and chefs
  • And More!
Certified Online Sports Nutritionist

Online Sports Nutritionist

We can provide coaching for athletes located anywhere via phone or video call. Programs are personalized and flexible.

Certified Sports Nutritionists

As certified sports nutritionists, we have the knowledge and skills to help athletes perform at their best. We understand the importance of nutrition in athletic performance, recovery, body composition, and overall health. At Athleats Nutrition we create individual customized meal plans that meet the specific needs of each athlete combined with world class coaching to help you reach all of your goals.

A few of our certified sports nutritionists:

Jaclyn Sklaver, MS, CNS, CDN, LDN. Jaclyn is a leader in Performance Nutrition. She is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist in both Florida and New York State, a NASM-certified personal trainer and a USAW-L1 weightlifting coach with a Masters Degree in functional medicine nutrition. Jaclyn has worked with 100s of professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, WTA, NCAA and more. She is the former Head of Performance Nutrition for the Orlando Magic. Some of her notable clients include Deontay Wilder, Jorge Masvidal, Tyrod Taylor, Serge Ibaka, Will Barton, Leandro Barbosa, Steve Mclendon, Derrick Favors and Paolo Banchero.

Gabriela Barreto, MS, RD, CDN. Gabby is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Dietitian Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer specializing in sports and exercise performance, weight management, and disordered eating. She has implemented sports nutrition plans for USTA Pros, endurance sports athletes, marathon athletes, cyclists, martial artists, and soccer players. With a major area of focus on elite high school athletes. Gabby is the former Sports Nutritionist for the Hofstra University Dance Team.

Emma Harvie, MS, CNS. Emma is a licensed dietitian with a masters degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. Emma’s expertise constitutes a niche at the intersection between functional health and performance nutrition. This enables her to work with elite level athletes and active gym goers to optimize their performance and overall health. She has worked as performance nutritionist with athletes from a variety of sports including hockey, basketball, triathlon, swimming, marathon, crossfit, elite nordic skiing. Emma has an extensive history of athletics. She is a former gymnast, black belt martial artist, collegiate competitive cheerleader and professional figure competitor, a 14-time half marathon finisher, and CrossFit Games quarterfinalist. She holds a CrossFit Level 1 credential and CrossFit Weightlifting certificate.

Marli McIntire, RN. Certified in Sports Nutrition, Personal Training and Yoga. As a Registered Nurse, Marli has always been passionate about health and wellness. She began her nursing career in Pediatric Emergency Medicine and transitioned to working in general pediatrics before retiring from the traditional medical field.nBecause of her work as a USA Swimming Coach for 15 years and she’s a mom of collegiate swimmers, she’s turned her attention to sports nutrition. Marli helps athletes who struggle with training and racing performance due to inadequate nutrition knowledge and lack of performance nutrition strategies. Marli passionately provides sports nutrition education and counseling to Age Group, Middle School, High School and Collegiate swimmers, helping motivated athletes reach their potential and longevity in the sport.

Chris Isner, BS. Chris has a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences. He is a performance nutritionist, coach and speaker who specializes in sports and exercise performance, weight management and educating our youth on nutrition. He developed and leads the nutrition program for The Togethership Holistic Sports Academy in California. His methods of coaching and educational system has proven successful with countless athletes.

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Athlete Nutritionist

More athletes are starting to focus on their nutrition from a younger age, separating themselves from the competition by using nutrition as competitive advantage. Their bodies are their tools, having the right nutrition will optimize performance and maximize their training and play time.. This is where an athlete nutritionist comes in. The role of an athlete nutritionist involves analyzing the dietary needs of individual athletes, taking into account their training schedule, competition demands, and personal preferences. We work to develop personalized nutrition plans that will optimize an athlete’s performance, and may also provide education and support to help athletes make healthy food choices.

Sports Dietitian

In addition to designing nutrition plans, an athlete nutritionist may also work with athletes to help them manage special dietary needs or restrictions, such as food allergies or intolerances. They may also provide guidance on supplements and sports drinks, and help athletes to understand the importance of staying hydrated.

Overall, the goal of an athlete nutritionist is to help athletes maximize their potential through proper nutrition, and to help them achieve their performance goals in a safe and healthy way.

Athlete Nutritionist